Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the most frequently asked questions to help you with your concerns.

A: A customized dress is a garment made according to specific measurements, design, and fabric choices of an individual. It is a personalized dress that fits the wearer perfectly and is unique to their taste and preferences.

A: The time it takes to make a customized dress can vary depending on the complexity of the design, availability of fabric, and the workload of the tailor or designer. Generally, it can take anywhere from 14 – 21 working days to complete a customized dress.

A: When choosing the fabric for your customized dress, consider factors such as the occasion, season, and your personal style. It’s also essential to choose a fabric that’s comfortable to wear and has good draping properties. You can consult with our designer for recommendations on suitable fabric choices.

A: It depends on the type of changes you want to make. If it’s a minor alteration such as hemming or adjusting the fit, it’s usually possible to make changes. However, if it’s a significant change to the design or fabric, it may not be possible to make changes without compromising the overall quality of the dress.

A: The cost of a customized dress can vary depending on the design, fabric, and the tailor or designer’s fees.

A: To provide accurate measurements for a customized dress, you will need to take your measurements according to our designer’s instructions. We also provide a measurement guide to ensure accurate measurements.